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What Is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It?

Plagiarism is a type of fraudulent activity both morally and in the field of judiciary or litigation. In this activity, any kind of content, ideas, creation, or research work done by another person is presented with one’s own name with or without the consent of the original creator of that content. It is considered a criminal offense referred to as copyright infringement in the present-day digital world. Any content copied in your research work knowingly or inadvertently is considered criminal activity.

You can avoid plagiarism by either checking it manually or using a professional free plagiarism checker for students and other writers’ applications automatically. A plagiarism checker online tool helps you to avoid this activity by providing:

Comprehensive checking or scanning of your text through highly advanced machine learning-powered algorithms

Comparison of your text with any matching text available online through different sources such as web content, repositories, databases, research knowledge bases, and many others

Identification of plagiarized content by highlighting it with different markers

Provision of links to the matching source from where content is copied

Who Can Use Our Free Plagiarism Checker?

Our best free plagiarism checker online tool is designed to be beneficial for almost all types of writers in all domains of industries – both academic and commercial. It helps writers to make their writing process so easy, effective, and productive. The most important professionals and writers that can use our online plagiarism scanner free app include:


All types and levels of teachers ranging from primary teachers to university professors, lecturers, trainers, and presenters can use our online plagiarism checker for free app in making their writings plagiarism free. Teachers can check their lectures, research papers, assignments, student tasks, exam papers, and other documents for any kind of plagiarism instantly. By using an online platform, they can make their writings free from plagiarized content and also can check the student’s work for the same without any charge at all.


Whether you are a student of lower classes or even a university or any other research organization, you can use our plagiarism checker free for students in making your writing process so simple and efficient. You can check numerous types of writing commonly required in schools, colleges, universities, and other research organizations such as assignments, learning tasks, essays, research papers, questionnaires, surveys, theses, dissertations, and many others. Checking plagiarized content from those documents manually is highly cumbersome. Our tool makes it easy for you.


All types of journalists, for example, reporters, story writers, correspondents, anchors, columnists, editors, and others need to take special care about any kind of content plagiarism to avoid litigation and damage to the profession as well as to the institute they work in. Our online percentage plagiarism checker tool can check all those documents for any kind of plagiarism in them and make them free of plagiarized content instantly. Journalists face the challenge of time-sensitive competitive reporting on time. Our plagiarism checker makes their lives easy.


The other category of professionals that can use our plagiarism checker online free tool include engineers, scientists, physicists, chemists, doctors, geologists, archeologists, and many others. These researchers have to be very much careful about any kind of plagiarism in their research work to avoid any status damage and litigation. All those types of researchers can make their research reports, essays, reviews, thesis, dissertations, and other domain research reports free from all types of plagiarism by using our online plagiarism detector tool effectively.


Digital marketing is one of the most cruising fields in the modern business marketplace. The role of marketers, marketing managers, campaigners, advertisers, flyer creators, and others has become highly crucial to achieving the desired business objectives. Any plagiarized content in their content such as flyers, emails, marketing banners, advertisements, and others may lead to devastating business outcomes. They can use our online plagiarism checker percentage application to clean their marketing-related documents from plagiarism to achieve the desired business objectives.

Online Content Writers

This is a modern field of writers that is most likely to be caught immediately if they copy any content because their content is online and easy to search for. A wide range of writers such as web content writers, bloggers, technical writers, eBook creators, and others that are associated with the online content creation field can use our online plagiarism checker in percentage tool to detect any kind of plagiarized text perfectly. The entire process of checking and fixing the plagiarized content issue in all types of online writing is accomplished easily.

And others

Numerous other writers and professionals such as managers, executives, finance professionals, HR professionals, lawyers, attorneys, judges, book authors, and others can use our online content and essay plagiarism checker application to detect any kind of plagiarism issues in their respective writings. They can use the domain-specific compliance capabilities provided by our online app to make their writing process so efficient and smooth. Our plagiarism detector is capable of providing industrial and regulatory compliance in many fields of writing perfectly.

Comparison: Manual Checking Vs Using Online Plagiarism Checker

Both manual checking and using an online percent plagiarism checker tool have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Which method has more pros compared to cons are mentioned in the following tables separately.

Pros and Cons of Manual Plagiarism Checking


  • Manual checking of plagiarism allows you to check all aspects of plagiarism by using the human brain power, which gives an additional human touch to detect plagiarism in any format
  • Deeper checking of research work through different sources not only online but also offline libraries and other sources to make it more reliable
  • Manual checking offers you the additional option of checking not only text but also other works in the form of graphs, images, equations, and other similar types of formats


  • An extremely slow process that takes longer periods consisting of weeks and even months. You need to dedicate extra time and effort to make it work properly
  • It is a very costly solution to use any manual service from a professional or an expert editor. You need to pay tens of times the higher prices compared to online plagiarism checking, which is very cost-efficient
  • The chances of missing plagiarized text are very high in manual checking due to the involvement of human resources
  • You are locked in just one single service. There is no flexibility and peace of mind in manual plagiarism checking
  • Manual plagiarism checking requires extensive knowledge, research, experience, and expertise in academics as well as in research and development
  • You have very limited access to the service of manual checking through experts. You cannot have unlimited access to use the service repeatedly without additional cost

Pros and Cons of Using Online Plagiarism Scanner Tool


  • Using an automated duplicate scanner tool saves you a substantial amount of money. It is available for free with basic features and a premium subscription with advanced features at a very small monthly charge. You can save huge costs by using a plagiarism scanner the whole month unlimitedly.
  • It is powered by the most advanced technologies of the modern software development field that offer fast processing of your text to save you a huge time.
  • No limitation based on any working days or hours. You can use it at any time and from anywhere across the world without any restrictions at all.
  • The results processed through our online plagiarism percentage checker tool are highly accurate and reliable.
  • A wide range of extra features and capabilities are offered by our online duplicate detector application such as grammar mistake checking, spelling and punctuation corrections, text tone assessment, and many others
  • Unlimited checks are allowed without any conditions and constraints
  • Using our online tool is very simple and easy to use
  • Our online app offers higher availability of more than 99.999% service uptime
  • Using an online app offers faster turnaround time to get your work done
  • No possibility of skipping the problems at all because no human intervention is involved
  • You get full peace of mind without any waiting queue at all
  • Our tool offers an option for continual learning for improving English editing and plagiarism detection skills


  • Only online plagiarism checking. No support for offline plagiarism checking
  • Possibilities of false true persist in some cases
  • Choosing the right and best plagiarism checker is a bit tricky

If you look at the pros and cons of both types of plagiarism checking, using a plagiarism checker free online tool offers numerous benefits and very few disadvantages when compared with manual checking of plagiarism.

How Does Our Free Online Plagiarism Checker Work?

Our free essay plagiarism checker online tool is a very simple and easy-to-use tool, which requires no special training at all. You can use our online with a few very intuitive steps as mentioned below:

Either copy/paste the text that you want to check through our online plagiarism detector into the widget of our tool. Hit the return button to scan for plagiarized text.

Our online originality scanner searches and finds plagiarized text by comparing a wide range of online resources and highlighting it in the result.

Click to get additional information about the source of content from where the text has been copied. So simple!

Top Benefits of Using Our Plagiarism Checker Free Tool Online

The fundamental objective of our online plagiarism checker free app is to provide advantages to the users in the form of exciting features, commercial and technical benefits, user experience, and others. The most important benefits of using our online plagiarism scanner tool include:

Saves you substantial cost

Monetarily, you can save considerable cost by using our online plagiarism checking software platform in different ways. The basic subscription to our online tool is completely free and the premium subscription with the advanced feature is available for a very small monthly fee. You can take full benefit of those both versions.

Saves you huge time

Checking your text for plagiarized content through our online plagiarism detector is very fast and provides you the results within a couple of seconds or so. You don’t need to wait for weekdays and working hours and other timetables. Just copy and paste your text at any time to check and fix plagiarized content instantly.

Offers unified writing solution

Our online plagiarism checker platform provides not only plagiarism detection capability but also a unified writing solution to make your text perfect for achieving the desired objectives. It can assess the tone of your writing to predict the effectiveness and influence it may leave on the targeted audience or readers.

Provides highly accurate checking results

The most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) integrated with advanced software development frameworks make our free online plagiarism checker with percentage tool highly capable of providing extremely accurate and reliable checking results that everyone can rely upon. Continual improvement in accuracy is an additional feature of our tool.

Helps improve quality of writing

Substantial improvement in the quality of your writing is another big advantage of using our online plagiarism detection tool. Other than helping you remove plagiarized content in your text, it can also remove all other types of writing errors such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes simultaneously.

Offers unlimited service access

You get unrestricted service for checking your drafts as many times as you like. You can check them at any time and from anywhere across the globe without any limits. There is no any condition like hidden charges, word limits, check limits, page limits, number of document restrictions, or any other such things at all.

Delivers a wide range of extra features

Our plagiarism checker online application is designed to provide numerous additional features to the users. A few of the most important ones of them include grammar checking, punctuation and spelling correction, active/passive voice misuse, sentence structure errors, word choice issues, parts of speech problems, and many others under one single roof.

If you are looking for highly accurate and reliable online support to detect plagiarized text in your writing, try our specialized plagiarism checker tool now!